About Us

About Us

Elite Partners

Elite Partners exists today to achieve two primary objectives for our clients; The best possible results and, A level of service which exceeds both client & customer expectations: People, Resources and Results. We provide services in all Sydney Metropolitan Area.


Our company was established more than 25 years ago in Sydney Inner West. One of the most sought after area in Sydney. Since then we have become recognised as a leader in services within both the commercial and residential property market throughout Sydney Metropolitan Area.


Elite Partners is a dynamic business with great people. We relentlessly pursue best outcomes for clients, each other and our culture. Our aim is to always provide our clients with comprehensive property services on a personal basis, where you maintain a direct and close working relationship with us. Our team enjoys lasting relationships with so many people. These relationships are built on our understanding of clients' wants and needs, resulting in the delivery of quality service, enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism.

If you’re buying or selling property - look no further. Elite Partners has dedicated specialists who would love to offer you the benefit of quality advice based on their current and detailed market knowledge.


Our choice of name is significant in that it recognises that the term "real estate" is no longer sufficient to describe our product and service offerings. Whilst continuing to offer exceptional sales and management services, which remain the core of our business, the group now offers extensive marketing, valuation and development services in the property market from the East to the North.

We hold a passionate commitment to success in all that we do and continually seek refinement and improvement in our systems and performance.

We value our clients as our partners and we communicate accordingly. Our entire team holds a non-negotiable commitment delivering exceptional customer service.

Elite Partners is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for their clients while exceeding their expectations in terms of service. They operate in Belfield, Enfield, Croydon Park, Croydon, North Strathfield, South Strathfield, Strathfield, Concord, Concord West, Five Dock, Abbotsford and surrounding areas.

Their team consists of licensed agents who specialize in selling and managing properties. While they have different educational backgrounds, they work together with the directors to provide comprehensive services to clients.


The team at Elite Partners : - and we are still growing at pace. Our Selling and Managing staff all of whom are licensed agents. Whilst differing in styles of earlier study. Combining with the directors our team is focused on the provision of the following services to clients;

Residential Property Sales: They assist clients in buying and selling residential properties, ensuring a direct and close working relationship with their clients.

  • Residential Property Management:

    Elite Partners offers property management services for residential properties, providing comprehensive support to property owners.

  • Project Marketing:

    They have expertise in marketing and promoting new property projects, helping developers generate interest and reach potential buyers.

  • Commercial & Industrial Sales:

    Elite Partners specializes in commercial and industrial property sales, assisting clients in buying or selling properties in these sectors.

  • Commercial & Industrial Leasing:

    They offer leasing services for commercial and industrial properties, helping tenants find suitable spaces and negotiating lease agreements.

  • Commercial Property Management:

    Elite Partners provides property management services for commercial properties, including tenant relations, lease administration, and maintenance coordination.

  • Valuation:

    They offer property valuation services, allowing clients to assess the market value of their properties accurately.

Elite Partners emphasizes their commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and building lasting relationships based on their understanding of clients' wants and needs. They strive for quality service, enthusiasm, commitment, and professionalism.

Established over 25 years ago in the Sydney Inner West area, Elite Partners has gained recognition as a leader in the commercial and residential property market throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area. They have expanded their services beyond sales and management to include marketing, valuation, and development services.

The company's name reflects their comprehensive offerings beyond traditional "real estate" services. They are passionate about success, continuously improving their systems and performance.

Elite Partners values their clients as partners and maintains open and effective communication. Their entire team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service as a non-negotiable aspect of their approach.